Top 5 New Attractions at @WaltDisneyWorld! #DisneySMMC #travel


There is a lot of construction going on at Walt Disney World with a lot of fantastic new additions to come. I have highlighted a few things that were already open on our recent trip. 1. Characters at Star Wars Launch Bay (replaced the Animation Studios). Before I rave about how much fun this is, […]

My Son Thinks He is a Converse Sneaker Model! #ChuckII @Converse


It was take your child to work day and my son begged me to RSVP yes to the Converse event so he could get a new pair of sneakers! Something happens to middle school boys , they become obsessed with sneakers. I thought my son was brand loyal to another company, but when he found […]

Wordless Wed – Happy Passover! w/Linky!


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Paul Smiles! w/Linky!

Picture 108

Paul Smiles is any excuse for this proud dad to post pictures of his son! Share the post “Paul Smiles! w/Linky!” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

I Am A Huffington Post Writer!


I am honored to officially announce, on the blog, that I am now a writer for the Huffington Post! I have three articles that are now live: I waited to make sure this was not a fluke, that I really could post on the Huffington Post, on a regular basis! There is a Parent sub-section […]

Wordless Wed – Tween Family Photos! w/Linky!


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Wordless Wed – Pizza! w/Linky!

Picture 524

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Dad 2.0 Summit in Washington, D. C. Was Awesome! @dad2summit #dad2summit


Dad 2.0 Summit in Washington, D. C. Was Awesome! Dad 2.0 Summit in Washington, D. C. was my second dad conference! Until my first one last year in San Francisco, I had only attended mom conferences and had mostly mom friends. That has started to change now that I have two dad conferences under my […]

Talk About What Being Married Means With Your Children!


This big gay man believes marriage is a sacred institution. Therefore, I believe it is a subject that must be discussed with our son, as I believe everyone should discuss with their children. I met Peter on April 12. Four months later, my friend did not move in, I did not just get a roommate. The […]

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