We Are in a Mixed Marriage and I Raised Our Son Jewish, Part 1. #parenting #adoption

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The adoption process was almost at its end. We were working with a birth mother in Arizona and we had a date set for her caesarean section. As a Jewish man, I knew I wanted my child to be Jewish so I started the research and found someone to do the ritual circumcision that is […]

An Adoptive Dad Speaks on Father’s Day. #FathersDay #adoption #parenting


I remember everything like it was yesterday. I remember the first time the birth mother called us on the phone, as my friend was driving us to my parents house for Passover. I remember the birth mom calling and saying she had seen some blood in her urine and why didn’t we get ready to […]

When The Son of a Gay Man Asks, Do I Have a Mom?

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(Updated from an earlier post from 2012! There is a fairy above our heads in the picture above, but no pun was intended!) When you are in a same sex marriage with an adopted son, this is a question that is bound to come up. I have not read the books and I don’t know […]

Does Your Child Have a Secret Instagram Account? #parenting @Instagram


Yes, he does, and you had no idea. This is the latest craze among teenagers in middle school and high school. Kids have a “cover” Instagram account that is all happy go lucky for their parents to follow, and another account for their school friends and other peers. And we do not know what they […]

Wordless Disney Rides! w/Linky! #DisneySMMC @WaltDisneyWorld


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Wordless Disney Family Fun! w/Linky! #DisneySMMC @WaltDisneyWorld


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Top 5 New Attractions at @WaltDisneyWorld! #DisneySMMC #travel


There is a lot of construction going on at Walt Disney World with a lot of fantastic new additions to come. I have highlighted a few things that were already open on our recent trip. 1. Characters at Star Wars Launch Bay (replaced the Animation Studios). Before I rave about how much fun this is, […]

My Son Thinks He is a Converse Sneaker Model! #ChuckII @Converse


It was take your child to work day and my son begged me to RSVP yes to the Converse event so he could get a new pair of sneakers! Something happens to middle school boys , they become obsessed with sneakers. I thought my son was brand loyal to another company, but when he found […]

Wordless Wed – Happy Passover! w/Linky!


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