Middle School 6th Grade Hell is Over For Now. #parenting #school


And I mean HELL. I posted the top which is my son’s report card grades. The picture stinks, but I wanted to show you how the average of his nine classes the first semester was 89, then 94, then 98. To go from 89 to 98, with nine classes in the average, means he scored […]

Peter & I Are 100% Married! GD Bless America! #LoveWins #GayMarriage #SameSexMarriage


Peter and I met on April 12, 1992. We had our 2nd date 2 days later. 2 weeks later we were walking around town and in a toy store in SOHO, NYC and he said to me, the saddest thing to him about being gay was that he could not have kids. I told him […]

Happy Father’s Day From This Gay Dad! #FathersDay #HappyFathersDay #FamilyCloud


Some guys become dads because of an accident. Some guys become dads because they chose to be. We became dads after a decade and a half of hard and focused work. But why fatherhood? We had such a wonderful free life before! We were free, but not fulfilled. We are no longer free to do […]

Wordless Wednesday – Happy 12th Birthday Paul! w/Linky!


He turns 12 this week! Oy Veh! Share the post “Wordless Wednesday – Happy 12th Birthday Paul! w/Linky!” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

Wordless Wednesday – New Disney Pals!, w/Linky! @waltdisneyworld #coolestsummer #coolestsummerever

PaulN5-19-04053 (640x480)

And a throwback: Most of these pictures were taken courtesy of the Disney Memory Maker which I received gratis as a guest at a recent Walt Disney World media event. We also found out on this trip that when you have the Memory Maker, your ride pictures are automatically uploaded to your account without visiting […]

#HappyMothersDay to Me, and Here is Why! #MothersDay


Now that I am socially connected and in various Facebook groups that cover me for all the different aspects of my life, I can tell you that this is the time of year that my gay parenting crowd questions the role of parents, who is whom, who does what, and what do we all celebrate. […]

Wordless Wednesday – Passover 2015! w/Linky!


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Wordless Wednesday – Universal Orlando Paul Silliness! w/Linky! @UniversalORL

191 (480x640)

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I’m Going Back to College! With My Son! #parenting


I waited my whole life to have a child. I dreamed about being a parent as a teenager. I always loved kids, I remember taking my little neighbor kids to the Bronx Zoo for the day, way back when. I was almost 30 when my little brother had his first child, and I remember looking into […]

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