We Love Our House of Worship!

Do you attend Church? Synagogue? A Mosque? Do you attend, on any regular basis, or do you belong to your local house of worship? We joined a Synagogue when my son was in Kindergarten as I needed him to go to Hebrew School! I had decided our son would be raised in my religion, and […]

We Do Not Hang Out With Gay People.

I used to hang out with gay people;  before I was married I used to drink in gay bars, and then I got sober in gay 12 step meetings. I went to gay discos, and gay dances. I lived in the Chelsea section of NYC, which was so gay back then, that when I moved […]

Tween Body Issues Already!

It started with talk of a uni-brow. If you look really closely you can indeed see a slight amount of light colored hair between my son’s dark eye lashes. And who cares? Well, someone must have said something to him. As much as he is a big tough guy, he is also a gentle giant, […]

Gay Dads Over React!

Is that overly dramatic? My son came out of school and said something to the effect that another boy told him he had to have a mother. It seemed odd to me but I immediately got on the defensive. My son has 2 dads and I am waiting for the day that he is bullied […]

Wordless Wednesday – My Patriotic Son! w/Linky!


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24 Years of Sobriety, 1 Day at a Time!

I still remember the tough time I had for the 5 months leading up to this date 24 years ago. I hope never to have to go through that again. Of course the 10 years leading up to my bottom were quite unpleasant as well. Sobriety is not a gift, it is a choice. It […]

Wordless Wednesday – Ballroom Dancing with My Son! w/Linky!




The thought of my son hitting puberty breaks my heart. And I was surprised when I came to that realization. Even though he is over 10 years old, puberty is when he is officially not my little boy. I tell him that he will always be my baby, no matter how much bigger than me […]

Wordless Wednesday – My Magazine Spread! w/Linky!

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