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Prayer: A How To Guide. Religious Belief Not Required.

Note: I believe prayer is a way to practice spirituality, peace for yourself, a meditative feeling. I do not believe you need to call someone God to do this, and I do not believe you need a religion to dictate how to talk to whatever higher power you choose. Background: I was born and raised […]

Internet Safety is This Parents’ Biggest Concern! #parenting

This is an abridged reprint of a sponsored post from two years ago, and I am sharing parts of it again as this issue is as important as ever! I am a parent blogger and post pictures and videos of and with my son on a regular basis. I have no issue with it, he […]

I Have Two Dads, Do I Have a Mom? #HappyMothersDay #MothersDay

(Updated from an earlier post from 2012! There is a fairy above our heads in the picture above, but no pun was intended!) When you are in a same sex marriage with an adopted son, this is a question that is bound to come up. I have not read the books and I don’t know […]

Marriage, Gay or Straight, Is a Sacred Institution!

This big gay man believes marriage is a sacred institution. Therefore, I believe it is a subject that must be discussed with our son. I met Peter on April 12. Four months later he moved in. My friend did not move in, I did not just get a roommate. The man who moved in was the […]

Top 10 Reasons To Take The Kids To Las Vegas! #LasVegas #travel

We have taken our son to Las Vegas three times and had a blast each time.  People frequently think of Las Vegas as no place for kids, but I can attest to the fact that this is not true. In our family, traveling to Las Vegas is almost as much fun as Disney! In fact, my […]

We Are in a Mixed Marriage and I Raised Our Son Jewish!

The adoption process was almost at its end. We were working with a birth mother in Arizona and we had a date set for her caesarean section. As a Jewish man, I knew I wanted my child to be Jewish so I started the research and found someone to do the ritual circumcision that is […]

Does Your Child Have a Secret Instagram Account? The Kids Call Them Their Finsta Accounts! #parenting @Instagram

Yes, he does, and you had no idea. This is the latest craze among teenagers in middle school and high school. Kids have a “cover” Instagram account that is all happy go lucky for their parents to follow, and another account for their school friends and other peers. And we do not know what they […]

Spying on My Kid! w/Linky! #parenting

I am looking outside my bedroom window. We overlook the basketball courts. My son is in the green tank-top and I am snapping photos! And then texting him to let him know I am watching, always watching! Share the post “Spying on My Kid! w/Linky! #parenting” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

2016: It Was The Best of Times, a Pictorial! w/Linky!

We adopted Paul at birth. We converted him to Judaism and he attended Hebrew School for eight years. All of this culminated in his Bar Mitzvah in June. This was never a dream of mine because it was way beyond the scope of what I thought would be possible in my life as a gay […]

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