Pokémon Go! Bond With Your Teen Whenever You Can! w/Linky! #parenting


I don’t know anything about Pokémon Go, and I do not care. BUT, it was visiting day at sleep-away camp and after catching up on texts and Instagram’s, my son jumped right in. That my son even know about this new game app was wild to me as there is no electronic media allowed at camp. […]

The Three Musketeers! w/Linky! #parenting


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Paul’s Bar Mitzvah Rehearsal in Photos! w/Linky! #Parenting #BarMitzvah


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7th Grade Was Our Hardest Year Yet! #NYC @NYCSchools

It was grueling. It was the all important year. Why? Because, in NYC, your choice for high schools runs the length of the five boroughs. Yes, the entire city is what you get to choose from. So the competition for the good seats is stiff. There is no zoned school. We have an application where we […]

Wordless Disney Rides w/Videos & Linky! #DisneySMMC @WaltDisneyWorld


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Part 2: Our Son Is Being Raised Jewish! The Bar Mitzvah: He Is A Man!

PicMonkey Collage

Eight years of Hebrew School. Three years of Junior Congregation attendance. June 18, 2016 was the Bar Mitzvah, Haftorah Naso! The dads could not be prouder. Even the Catholic dad. He was just as much a part of the process as I was. He attended Saturday services to support our son as much as me, […]

We Are in a Mixed Marriage and I Raised Our Son Jewish, Part 1. #parenting #adoption

zPicture070 (480x640)

The adoption process was almost at its end. We were working with a birth mother in Arizona and we had a date set for her caesarean section. As a Jewish man, I knew I wanted my child to be Jewish so I started the research and found someone to do the ritual circumcision that is […]

An Adoptive Dad Speaks on Father’s Day. #FathersDay #adoption #parenting


I remember everything like it was yesterday. I remember the first time the birth mother called us on the phone, as my friend was driving us to my parents house for Passover. I remember the birth mom calling and saying she had seen some blood in her urine and why didn’t we get ready to […]

When The Son of a Gay Man Asks, Do I Have a Mom?

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(Updated from an earlier post from 2012! There is a fairy above our heads in the picture above, but no pun was intended!) When you are in a same sex marriage with an adopted son, this is a question that is bound to come up. I have not read the books and I don’t know […]

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