Top 10 Tween Holiday Gifts! #giftguide #holidaygifts


1. Cash – many will chose not to give this as it is impersonal, but you have to admit, it is the single most versatile gift for anyone at any age! 2. Gift cards – Visa/Mastercard, or American Express. I find the Visa gift cards to be the most user friendly. These are the next […]

Wordless Wednesday – Summer Camp! w/Linky!


It was his first time away at sleep away camp for an extended period. We can’t tell if he enjoyed himself or not! Share the post “Wordless Wednesday – Summer Camp! w/Linky!” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

Wordless Wednesday – Graduation! w/Linky!

004 (478x640)

I miss him! Share the post “Wordless Wednesday – Graduation! w/Linky!” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

5 Things I Hated About My Son’s Elementary School.

1. I was told they hate boys. And that was true. They treated boys like garbage. Granted, my son was difficult and we needed extra guidance, but the school culture was one where they made it clear your boy needed to be docile or you would receive constant phone calls. All available literature, and I […]

Top 5 Things I Loved About My Son’s Elementary School! #LastDayofSchool

1. It was a neighborhood school. It was 3 blocks from our house. It extended our already wonderful community. My son had been in a local daycare/Pre-K in our housing complex previously, and 7 students from there joined him in Kindergarten at the local public elementary school! Additionally, he started Hebrew School in the neighborhood, […]

Wordless Wednesday – 5th Grade School Play, w/Linky!

018 (640x478)

The fifth grade play was about the American Revolution and American history through the Civil War. We all expected to enjoy the kids performance as we always do. But this time they blew us away. Their personalities, their acting, and also the scenery and props, literally blew all the parents away. What a thrill for […]

The #PowerofDad in My House! @OralB @LifeofDadShow #ad


That is my son 10 years ago at his 1st Birthday Party extravaganza. That is how it is done in my spouse’s family! My story is a little different than your usual dad story since my son has 2 dads and no mom. My role is closer to that of the mom because I am […]

We Love Our House of Worship!

Do you attend Church? Synagogue? A Mosque? Do you attend, on any regular basis, or do you belong to your local house of worship? We joined a Synagogue when my son was in Kindergarten as I needed him to go to Hebrew School! I had decided our son would be raised in my religion, and […]

We Do Not Hang Out With Gay People.

I used to hang out with gay people;  before I was married I used to drink in gay bars, and then I got sober in gay 12 step meetings. I went to gay discos, and gay dances. I lived in the Chelsea section of NYC, which was so gay back then, that when I moved […]

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