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Better Pics of Mitch in his 20’s! w/Linky!

Late 30’s here The gangs all back at mid 50’s! Share the post “Better Pics of Mitch in his 20’s! w/Linky!” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

Hot Wheel Vehicles From @Guardians! w/Linky! @Mattel #GotGVol2Event #GOTG2 #TFNY

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Guardians of the Galaxy Celebrities & Me! w/Linky! #GotGVol2Event @Guardians #GuardiansoftheGalaxy #GotGVol2

I met all the Guardians of the Galaxy three years ago for the first movie! Chris Pratt is at the top of the pic! Can you see me with Chris Pratt? He and I are just looking at each other! There’s Drax the Destroyer! Dave Bautista was such a cool interview! He put our picture […]

Mitch in His 20’s! wLinky

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Celebrating #BornInChina With Pandas From Our @NationalZoo & The New @DisneyNature Movie! #washingtondc

The first set are my pictures from the National Zoo in Washington, D. C. and the second set of pictures are from the press room for Disneynature’s new movie, Born in China, opening April 21st!! Share the post “Celebrating #BornInChina With Pandas From Our @NationalZoo & The New @DisneyNature Movie! #washingtondc” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

Spying on My Kid! w/Linky! #parenting

I am looking outside my bedroom window. We overlook the basketball courts. My son is in the green tank-top and I am snapping photos! And then texting him to let him know I am watching, always watching! Share the post “Spying on My Kid! w/Linky! #parenting” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

Disneyland Posters! w/Linky! @disneyland #travel

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Josh Gad is Fabulous as LeFou!! w/Linky! #BeOurGuestEvent #BeautyandtheBeast! @joshgad #BeOurGuest

Three times I have met Josh Gad! I have been a huge fan since I first heard him as Olaf. And then in several other movies. And then in Lip Synch battle making fun of a certain money hungry world leader. And then we previewed Beauty and the Beast. Josh was terrific, in fact, he […]

Paul & I Celebrate #NationalCerealDay, March 7th! @GeneralMills #ad

We may have had some fun getting ready for National Cereal Day! We are big fans of General Mills cereals and I am so grateful I also got to pose to be on a Wheaties box! And, the blog now has an official cereal spoon, thank-you General Mills! Meanwhile, Paul had enough, he just wanted to […]

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