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I Interviewed Smurfs: Demi Lovato, Joe Manganiello, & Mandy Patinkin! @SmurfsMovie #SmurfsMovie #SmurfsTheLostVillage

I previewed this movie a few weeks ago in order to sit down and interview the exciting cast of Demi Lovato as Smurfette, Jow Manganiello as Hefty Smurf, Mandy Patinkin as Papa Smurf, and Director Kelly Asbury! The movie was a lot of fun (full review next week) and here’s the story: In this fully […]

The Zookeepers Wife, Starring Jessica Chastain, Opens March 31! @Zookeepers #TheZookeepersWife 

This is a powerful movie about a woman and her family who helped Jews escape Nazi Poland during WW2: The real-life story of one working wife and mother who became a hero to hundreds during World War II. In 1939 Poland, Antonina Żabińska (portrayed by two-time Academy Award nominee Jessica Chastain) and her husband, Dr. […]

Six Live Action Disney Movies Are Coming! Which Is Your Favorite? @DisneyStudios

Disney has plans in the works for the remake of six of their animated movies to be turned into live action films. The only movie with a release date thus far is the live action remake of Mulan (November, 2018). Recent articles at first suggested no songs would be included, and that has since changed […]

Inanimate Objects Steal the Show! w/Linky #Beautyandthebeast #Beourguestevent #beourguest

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Beauty and the Beast. Wow. #BeOurGuestEvent @BeOurGuest #BeautyAndTheBeast #BeOurGuest

We previewed Beauty and the Beast this week. Review in a nutshell, it was fantastic. I predict all Disney animated movies will be remade into live action films at some point because this is going to be a hugely successful film. And it will have earned all that success because the adaptation into live action […]

Must Own Moana Blu-ray Combo Pack! #MoanaEvent #Moana @DisneyMoana

We saw this movie as a family and I knew it was one of those movies that I would need to see again, and again. We all loved it and my son was singing “You’re Welcome” the whole way home! I am thrilled that I was sent this combo pack to review for you! Three […]

Josh Gad is Fabulous as LeFou!! w/Linky! #BeOurGuestEvent #BeautyandtheBeast! @joshgad #BeOurGuest

Three times I have met Josh Gad! I have been a huge fan since I first heard him as Olaf. And then in several other movies. And then in Lip Synch battle making fun of a certain money hungry world leader. And then we previewed Beauty and the Beast. Josh was terrific, in fact, he […]

Beauty and the Beast Posters! w/Linky! #BeOurGuestEvent #BeautyandtheBeast!

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Doctor Strange Blu-ray Combo Pack Out This Week! #DoctorStrange @DrStrange @Marvel

From Marvel comes Doctor Strange, the story of world-famous neurosurgeon Dr. Stephen Strange (Benedict Cumberbatch), whose life changes forever after a horrific car accident renders his hands useless. When traditional medicine fails him, he travels to remote Kamar-Taj in search of a cure, but instead discovers the mystical arts and becomes a powerful sorcerer battling […]

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