Pets Deserve an Emoji Too! @PetsMovie


Download the new PetMOJI app to create an emoji of your favorite furry friend! Currently available on iOS, the app features sticker packs and a custom keyboard. Download the #PetMoji creator for #TheSecretLifeOfPets to create your pet and share their secret life today! In theaters and RealD3D July 8. Gotta run, I have to check […]

Pretty Little Liars is Back on Tuesday, June 21 at 8pm/7c on @FreeformTV! @PLLTVSeries #prettylittleliars


I am hooked. I met some of the Liars at an event, and then had to see what all the hub bub was about over the show! Oy, the drama! The show is filled with mysteries, deaths, and now, the drama of these twenty somethings. They use to be teens, but this last season we […]

Dory Opens Tomorrow! w/Celeb Pic! #FindingDory #HaveYouSeenHer


I saw the movie. I loved the movie. It will be a big hit. Disney•Pixar’s “Finding Dory” reunites everyone’s favorite forgetful blue tang, Dory, with her friends Nemo and Marlin on a search for answers about her past. What can she remember? Who are her parents? And where did she learn to speak Whale? Ellen […]

The New Kids on the Block Reality Show is a Laugh Riot! #NKOTB #RockThisBoat


I recently interviewed that boy band we all knew and loved, the New Kids on the Block! It was great to see and listen to them after having been a fan for so many years. Meeting childhood favorites at this stage of my life is one of the biggest gifts of being a blogger! We […]

Toys From Zootopia To Celebrate The Blu-ray/DVD Release Today! @Tomy_Toy!


The Zootopia Blu-ray/DVD/Digital HD is out today! This is a must own disc, as are the toys from Tomy that go along with the movie! From Walt Disney Animation Studios comes a comedy-adventure set in the modern mammal metropolis of Zootopia. Determined to prove herself, Officer Judy Hopps, the first bunny on Zootopia’s police force, […]


TMNT2_Teaser 1-Sht_Group

This is the second Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie in the series reboot from Michael Bay, and it is action packed and well worth your time, it is highly entertaining! I attended a preview and will be going back with my husband and son, just like for the first movie, which we all agreed was […]

Inside the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Mobile! #TMNT2 @TMNTMovie


Come see my cast interviews as well! The movie is out this Friday, June 3rd! Share the post “Inside the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Mobile! #TMNT2 @TMNTMovie” FacebookTwitterGoogle+PinterestStumbleUponE-mail

Create a Profile Pic of Your Pet Courtesy of “THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS”


Visit the newly launched website to get started, and stay tuned for the new PetMOJI app coming soon for iOS and Android! THE SECRET LIFE OF PETS – In Theaters July 8 For their fifth fully-animated feature-film collaboration, Illumination Entertainment and Universal Pictures present The Secret Life of Pets, a comedy about the lives our […]

“Alice Through The Looking Glass” is Here! #ThroughTheLookingGlass @DisneyStudios


Alice Through the Looking Glass is in Theaters NOW! To celebrate, I have some desserts to share with you! Click on the below pictures to see three amazing dessert videos that show you how to create delicious macaroons, Cheshire Cate cupcakes, and Time’s Gear Cookies!     I also encourage everyone to “Travel Through The […]

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