It does not matter if you have health insurance. The drug companies have many offers out there for every one to save money, you just have to know where to go. This is the clearinghouse for all the deals!If you find an offer for a drug, the savings CAN BE applied to your co-pay. […]


And, non-prescription drug coupons. Do not go to the pharmacy without first going to one of my favorite sites: I have trouble convincing people that they can save money on their co-pays. Your insurance does not matter! On a monthly basis, when I need to refill a prescription, I check this site. Some of […]


It is time to renew some monthly prescriptions. We have health insurance, it is nothing amazing, but every little bit helps. My co-payments for prescriptions could be up to $50 each. As I state monthly, I first go to to look for coupons from the drug manufacturers before I go to the pharmacy. These […]

DRUG COPAY COUPONS I love this site. Whenever I have a non-generic prescription, I check here first for any kind of an offer. I posted 2 weeks ago about saving 2/3’s of my co-pay costs. My mother-in-law was introduced to this site by me on Monday evening.Her drugs are all generic but my father-in-law takes a couple […]

My Saturday

My Saturday started at 3:45 am when my son would not stop coughing. He had already had several medicines, so finally, while he did his thing on the throne, I put on the shower and that seemed to do the trick. That is my last resort in the middle of the night as no one […]


Internetdrugcoupons Do not buy any drugs without referring to this web-site. I apologize, I am still learning how to embed a link!They have coupons for prescription drugs and even if you have insurance, it will lower your copay. Not everything is on their list BUT it is cheaper for me to do monthly refills of […]

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