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Giveaway – Kate & Mim-Mim MUSICAL MIMILOO DVD!


Public Media Distribution, LLC announced it is releasing three stories from the popular series “Kate & Mim-Mim” on the DVD “MUSICAL MIMILOO.” These three toe-tapping tales will have kids dancing and singing as they watch Kate and Mim-Mim solve problems and help their friends. In these three adventures, Kate leads a quest to fix Callie’s Mega Music Maker, an island-sized instrument, Kate and friends put on a trumpet flower concert for the Boom Chicka Queen, and Gobble uses his ability to sing to free the group from a cave!

“MUSICAL MIMILOO” will be available on DVD March 21, 2017. The DVD run time is approximately 35 minutes and its SRP is $6.99. The stories included on this DVD are below. Episodes of “Kate & Mim-Mim” are also available for digital download.

“Mega Music Maker”
Kate is building a sand castle, but the wind chimes she places on top aren’t working. In Mimiloo, after Mim-Mim accidentally breaks a one-of-a-kind music recording, Kate, Mim-Mim and their friends head to the Singing Seas to visit Callie, a giant octopus. After learning that Callie’s Mega Music Maker is broken, Kate and the gang work to fix the island-sized instrument so they can re-record Callie’s wonderful tune.

“Boom Chicka Bees”
Kate can’t get the timing right to jump rope. In Mimiloo, Gobble has a case of the sneezy snorts and needs Boom Chicka Bee honey tea to feel better. In order to get the honey, Kate must lead a concert for the Boom Chicka Queen.

“Gobble’s Gift”
Kate and her parents are staging a talent show, but Mom is hesitant to perform. In Mimiloo, everyone is preparing for a dance party! While gathering crystals to make a disco ball, the gang gets trapped. Only Gobble’s beautiful voice can save them – but he’s too nervous to sing in public! Kate must show him there’s nothing to fear.

Inspired by a real life little girl, “Kate & Mim-Mim” follows the fantastical adventures of 5-year-old Kate, who, together with her toy rabbit Mim-Mim, travels to the fantasy world of Mimiloo where Mim-Mim comes alive as a larger-than-life playmate. In each story, Kate and Mim-Mim and their group of friends discover exciting new places and set off on adventures, all in the hope of solving a puzzling problem Kate has encountered in the real world.

Exploring themes of friendship, adventure, and problem solving, “Kate & Mim-Mim” encourages children to use their imaginations and work together, believing no problem is ever too big to solve!


One lucky reader of the GayNYCDad award winning blog, will receive the above Kate & Mim-Mim MUSICAL MIMILOO DVD!

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Thanks and good-luck.

Disclosure: I received no compensation for this post.
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