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2016: It Was The Best of Times, a Pictorial! w/Linky!


We adopted Paul at birth. We converted him to Judaism and he attended Hebrew School for eight years. All of this culminated in his Bar Mitzvah in June. This was never a dream of mine because it was way beyond the scope of what I thought would be possible in my life as a gay man. Additionally, he did an amazing job and read extra prayers at the service because he ended up being a top student! One of the happiest days of my life occurred in 2016.


And then we threw a party! And we did not go into debt! That’s the other miracle! Family and friends partied the night away at the Water Club in Manhattan, it was literally the greatest party ever thrown! It was also the year of The Dab!

0496-20160617-jd-bonvisobmWe could not have hoped for a more perfect day.

Paul also made us proud in 2016 by producing some amazing grades. Applying to high schools in NYC is a very competitive sport, and Paul achieved a 96 average across the board in all subjects, major and minor (this is without the extra two points they get for being in the Honor’s program). I am bragging, and I am also sharing that this is important as it gives us the best possible choices for high school admissions.ย  Let me also remind my readers that none of the two above situations happened without a tremendous amount of work and stress. But we pulled it off!


Paul also spent the Summer at sleep away camp. He had a blast in the country, and the dads had a much needed rest! We may have done some of the resting at the local discount shopping malls!


2016 was also the fifth year in a row that we were able to go to Walt Disney World! It was our fourth Disney Social Media Moms conference, and as always we had a blast as a family.

I am grateful for the support of family and friends for helping us through this year, and every year. I am focusing on the positive: there were also some tough times in 2016, job losses, and some political shake-ups, dwelling on those do not help anyone, so we are going to keep working hard and hope for a great 2017!


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  1. 1

    He has grown into a fine young mand, he looks like Dennis Michael Lynch.
    So cute! Happy Tuesday!

  2. 2

    What a great recap – happy new year!

  3. 3
    Laura Collins says:

    This sounds so nice Paul has a great head on his shoulder .I was impress in the party not going into debt.

  4. 4

    Wonderful memories to look back on. Happy New Year. All the best for 2017!

  5. 5

    Wow. That is very touching. I am visiting your blog for the first time from Wordless Wednesday.
    Hope you will visit mine too as I am getting back into the world of blogging after taking a 6 year hiatus to raise my two ‘babies’ (aged 11 and 15 now!) and am trying to get my blog off the ground.
    Hope to see you soon.
    – Lisa

  6. 6
    Christy G. says:

    What a wonderful young man and two great dads. Thanks for posting!

  7. 7

    Thanks for sharing a great story.

  8. 8
    vickie couturier says:

    looks like you guys had a wonderful 2016 hope 2017 is just as rewarding

  9. 9

    Congratulations to Paul! And to his dads who helped him achieve such success! May 2017 be filled with even more greatness! ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. 10

    Congratulations to Paul–and to you both for guiding him! You must be so proud!

  11. 11

    Looks like it was a lot of fun! I love seeing so many happy people all in one place!

  12. 12

    What a wonderful year! Congrats to you and your son on the occasion of his bar mitzvah – such a tremendous moment in a young man’s life.
    Also, congrats on another wonderful visit to WDW. It’s our favorite place in the world!

  13. 13

    You really had an amazing year! Happy 2017

  14. 14

    This is fabulous, you have every right to be very proud Dads indeed


    Ps… throws a Dab!

  15. 15

    Sounds like such a wonderful year! Thanks for linking up with us at Together on Tuesdays.

  16. 16

    Wow! What a journey for you all! Here’s hoping there is even more fabulous coming your way in 2017 and much less stress! Thanks for linking up with my #SpreadTheKindness Link Up!


  17. 17

    You have much to be proud and happy about. Your family has certainly had a memorable 2016.

  18. 18
    Alisson H. says:

    Love your family updates! It is really great to see!

  19. 19
    Deanna Straub says:

    A lot of love in this family. Beautiful pics.

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