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Happy Holidays To Me From Babble Boxx! Plus A Huge Giveaway! #BabbleboxxMen @singleedition #ad

"Happy Holidays To Me From Babble Boxx! Plus A Huge Giveaway!"

As part of my holiday gift suggestions, I am sharing this wonderful box of products I received for review!


This Casio Model EQB600 has a 3D Globe dial that rotates once a day in time with the Earth’s rotation! It also has two dials, so if you are traveling, you can see the time at home, and in your current location. A perfect gift for the busy man.

There is also accurate timekeeping in 300 cities! Download the Casio Watch+ app on this connected watch, and then with the push of a button, you can adjust the watch to display the correct time in your current location and over 300 cities worldwide, even correcting for Daylight Saving Time. This is just part of the smart connectivity available with this app. And, this timepiece has a battery life of approximately seven months , so no charging worries when you travel! To buy this now, please go to Fred Meyer Jewelers!


This Wearable Wellness Tracker from Spire tracks your breathing patterns. When this activity tracker detects a change, you are offered in-app breathing exercises and guided mini-meditation sessions which promote the modification of negative behaviors. This Wellness Tracker will have a field day with me when it knows I am going on-line to check my son’s middle schools grades! My heart rate jumps as I click on my password to view his report card!

While wearing, the Spire PLATFORM will learn to anticipate stressful events before they are likely to happen and alert users with actionable insights on how to prepare and experience more calm in their life. Through consistent, unobtrusive, and actionable insights, Spire users take an active role in making positive, reflexive improvements towards a greater holistic health and well-being.

Everyone needs this form of stress management now! Spire is fully integrated into the Apple Health App and works with Apple watch. An Android App is also now available, so this is another perfect gift choice for this year’s holiday season!
Spire is now available for $99.95, and enjoy $10 off when you click here!


The 2(X)IST Men’s Activewear collection is designed to support you from total relaxation to game changing performance. Featuring moisture wicking fabric and innovative design, these pieces are just a small glimpse into the active lifestyle of the 2(X)IST man and woman.

I received the above two items in my son’s size. Now he thinks the entire box of items are his! This selection of men’s mesh short and dot print tank are perfect for the athletic man, or, in my case, the man who wants to look athletic on vacation! Check out the 2(X)IST website for more products and info on how to purchase! You know I am gifting myself the same outfit so I can be twins with my son!


Lastly, the American icon, Old Spice! We already had the sweat defense stick, my son packs it for school on gym day every week, one always needs a good anti-perspirant in the middle of an active day. We had not tried Old Spice’s pomade before, so my son was quite happy to sample it for the blog! He styles his hair every morning so this is perfect! Men’s grooming has become quite important for our teenager, same as it is for his dads! Purchase Old Spice here!

And on behalf of Babbleboxx and Single Edition Media , there is a huge giveaway for all these same products that I have received! Enter now, this sweepstakes ends on 12/20/2016!

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Disclosure: This post is sponsored by on behalf of Single Edition Media. I received all the items pictured above to facilitate this review and all opinions are always 100% honest and our own.

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    Fantastic gift ideas!! With three boys in our home, I definitely need the inspiration! Old Spice is a favorite here, will have to pick up some of the pomade, didn’t realize they made that – my sons will love it.

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    Since I don’t have any boys in the house, I guess I’ll have to keep everything for myself! That’s ok, I’d probably do that anyway!

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    Great idea for gifts for guys! I particularly love the watch and the classics like old spice. The workout clothes are very cute and the spire is a wonderful idea for someone looking to keep track of their daily activities. Great stocking stuffer’s!

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    Oh wow! There are some awesome items in that box. My husband would love a box like this for Christmas. Thanks for the heads up!

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    There’s some neat things in that box. I laughed thinking of your heart jumping when you log in to check your son’s grades.

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    I pasted the wrong link in the rafflecopter form…here is the right one:

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    LYN WILLIAMS says:

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