Drug Coupons! I Swear By This Site!

I just renewed my son’s back to school prescriptions, they need to have a supply on hand in case of emergency. Thankfully they have never used anything stronger than an allergy medicine!

I screwed up! I forgot to get my coupons! Well, I told the pharmacy to hold the 2 items I knew I could find coupons for, and then I thought it is time to share this again with you.

I have found a site on the Internet that acts as a clearinghouse for all the drug deals that are available (not every drug has a corresponding deal, but if there is one on the Internet, it is here!), prescription or not. And the best part of this is, even if you have the greatest insurance in the world, if there is a co-pay, these coupons will reduce the co-pay! Instead of a $25 co-pay for my Nasonex prescription, I give a $15 coupon printed by following the directions on this web site, and voila! I pay $10 instead!

I have the ability to pay less for drugs by ordering 3 month supplies through my “prescription by mail” plan from my health insurer. I compared those prices by renewing my prescriptions monthly at my store of choice, CVS, with the coupons available on the Internet. It is cheaper for me by over 35% to renew monthly at CVS with Internet coupons. For me that is significant.

I suggest you check here before any trips to your pharmacy, only if you want extra cash in your pocket! Drug Discounts

Even if you have insurance, you can still use these coupons! They link to prescription and on prescription drugs!!! Email me if you have any questions!

Disclosure:I received no compensation for this post.

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  1. 1

    Well you have just made my day!!

    II had NO IDEA such a thing existed! I followed your link and there are discounts for the prescriptions I need! WONDERFUL!

    Thanks so much for this valuable information. I’m off to spread the word!

    /wonders why no one ever told me :)

  2. 2

    When people will get the couponlights.com, you can easily utilize them to
    invest in almost anything you desire, depending on
    the outlet’s policy. Considering that you can easily observe, there are actually numerous good things that you will certainly be enabled in on when you are going to lastly have your hands on this special kind of coupon codes 2013.

  3. 3
    Debby Chandler says:

    thanks! This really helps. I’ll start looking into how I can reduce my prescription costs. It really eats into my paycheck each month.

  4. 4

    GOOD thinking! This is really help to all.

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