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Outlet Shopping, How To!

Do not go to the outlets before reading this post!
They most probably have a website with coupons.

For example, I go to Woodbury Commons several times a year.
(Yours may belong to a different umbrella organization, check them for their own deals, google it, search the net, there are always extra deals to be had for insiders!)

You must join the VIP club – then you can print coupons AND a coupon for a coupon book available at the info desk at this outlet chain. I can also get that coupon book with my AAA card or my MasterCard with the Continental airline logo. What’s better than a coupon at a discount store, especially when they have their semi-annual sales!

It feels as if I am in Italy, when I go to Woodbury Commons. I hope the Armani store has some nice things on sale for me!

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  1. 1

    I love like 15 mins from the Woodbury Commons! I want to go there soon to go to the Williams Sonoma store. *drool* I need to join their VIP Club now!

  2. 2

    I love it too Mitch and Alison WS is my fave!

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