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Free Food at Target

It takes work, but it is possible!

1. I am constantly printing coupons as suggested from Hip2Save. Then when the deals come through, I am ready.
I also go to Printable Coupon Spot, sometimes this site has other items and does not overlap hip, but mostly it does if you only have time for 1.

2. Target has their own coupons right on their website, Target. Scroll down and look about half way on the left. Most, but not all coupons, are from Target itself. Some are from the manufacturer. Here’s why it is important – Target will accept 2 coupons for 1 item if you “stack,” that means use 1 Target coupon and 1 Manufacturers coupon for the same item.

This is how during the holiday season I scored many boxes of Stove Top stuffing for free, many 6 packs of Jell-o for a very low price from the retail cost, and a lot of candy almost free at the holiday clearance with coupons that I saved that did not expire until after the various holidays (Xmas, Valentines Day, etc.).

3. Lastly, for the match-ups, go to Totally Target. I understand you are not all bored housewives like me with too much time on your hand. That’s why I have attempted to write this all down succinctly for you so you can follow my instructions and get things for cheap. Totally Target will match 3 amazing things. Current sales from the flyer, both published and non-published, Target house coupons, and Manufacturers Coupons. That’s 3 opportunities to reduce the price of Targets products. That’s how I like to shop! Almost all of these sites also give you the direct link to all the coupons that they mention!

Last example, I wanted a Sonicare toothbrush for my rotting teeth and gums. For several weeks there was a half off sale from $80 to $40 at Target. There was a Manufacturers coupon from Phillips for $10. There was a Target coupon for $10. There was a $10 rebate to mail in (I just received my check). The $80 item was purchased by me for $10. This is an item I use regularly, I can always use a spare at home. That was an amazing deal, they are not all that good, but you never know!

(Did I need 4? That’s another story for an addiction blog. Needless to say everyone in the family is hopefully getting these $10 rebate checks! Don’t tell Phillips!)

The “How To” should be in this blog post, please follow these instructions before you visit Target to save the maximum amount of money!

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    Thanks Mitch! You’ve always got the greatest savings tips/info.

  2. 2

    thank you for this info!!!! 🙂

  3. 3

    Wow, I never even dreamed most of this was possible! I have so much to learn about couponing and you are getting me off to a good start! Thanks!
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