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CVS Discount Shopping!

First, go to
look for the tab for their coupons, usually on the top, CVS takes their coupons and a manufacturers coupon for the same item.

Then check out
Check for weekly specials. I live in Manhattan, the drugstores are the only places to use Internet coupons, the supermarkets do not accept them. But beware, the Manhattan weekly brochure is usually 4 pages compared to the suburban CVS weekly brochure, they are usually over 12 pages long! I have been known to shop the Staten Island CVS to save money, that is how I got 4 4 packs of Boost protein drink for free last week!

You must have a CVS extra care card and you have to register it on-line for email specials. You will get money off coupons on a regular basis. The important thing about these CVS money off coupons is use them one FIRST! Otherwise you will be reducing your order and you may not be able to use it. When I receive an email coupon for $4 off a purchase of $20, I carefully plan out my shopping list. I try to keep my purchase as close to $20 as possible to make the coupon worth 20%. You must use this coupon first, any other special will reduce your total and drop you under the amount to be eligible for the $4 off of $20. Hand any other coupons to the clerk after the $4 goes through. If you get an email coupon for $5 off of $25, do the math and follow the above instructions. If I have any other high coupons, this is when I use them. $5 off of Cetaphil (for $5 soap), 45 off of Ben-Gay (for $5.99 Ben-Gay) boosts my total to get towards the $20.

I also find the cereal specials at CVS to be very good, add a coupon to that and you will save a bundle! Stock-up I say. I have family reading this now so I cannot take a picture of the 18 boxes of cereal I have stored away!

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    Mary Dailey says:

    I just wish we had them here! I see great deals all the time!

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