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Important note here, Target will take both their own coupon and a manufacturers coupon for an item. This is called stacking. If you check the various web sites I will note, they will match this with sales and also with any gift card specials, for example, there is a gift card special on Sobe Vitamin water this week, buy 10 for $10 and get a $5 gift card. If you have the patience, you pay for this first and then use the gift card on the rest of your order which you pay for separately. , look for the tab for their coupons, usually on the top
Check for weekly specials.I live in Manhattan, the drugstores are the only places to use coupons, the supermarkets do not accept them. The important thing about CVS, when you receive those $4 off $20 purchase coupons, use that one FIRST! Otherwise you will be reducing your order and you may not be able to use it. When they have $2 cereal specials, I show up with cereal coupons and stack up.
I get the weekly flyer emailed to me. I use various sites to calculate the best deals there. This week I got 3 scotch tape donut dispensers for $.29 each. This store gives register rewards (RR’s) for some item purchases, the various sites will tell you how to get them. The trick at this store is, you can only use as many coupons as you have items. You cannot use 5 coupons if you are only purchasing 4 items. Also, with the register rewards, DO NOT use them to make a 2nd purchase of the item on the reward as you will not get another. A few weeks back I was able to purchase the small chips ahoy packages, 2 for $2 and got back a $2 register reward. Yes, that means it was free! If I used the RR to pay for a second round of cookies, I would not get another reward. I always need milk so I used it for that and separately purchased as many cookies as I could carry, all separate transactions. And yes, I do have a lot of time on my hands!

The Queen of coupon sites for me is
I check that site all through the day as some coupons have a limited run.

I suggest you check the various sites weekly for new deals and print out as many coupons as you can (if you back space 3 times you can often get a 2nd copy which is usually the maximum). Again, my crowd is a Manhattan crowd, I would check before I leave town and plan a shopping trip with the on-line flyer of whatever supermarket I could get to. I go near my mother-in-law and get double coupons! Again, usually cutting my shopping bill in half.
The following sites sometimes have different coupons for different zip codes, sometimes I put in Beverly Hills, sometimes I pic a town in Minnesota!

A company that is behind the printing of a lot of coupons is called “Bricks,” this is the site that you can usually back space 3 times to get a 2nd print. I now have 3 computers and 2 printers (one wireless) so I can print out 4-6 coupons, and honey, when it is $1.50 off of Oscar Mayer Bacon, I am printing all of them until they run out!

If I need a coupon, and I cannot find what I want, I will google the item with the word coupon after and hope for the best. You don’t have anything to lose!
And do this for any department store you are headed to!

I hope to have Part 2 up to you within a few days with the lesser coupon sites, but also worthy of your time!

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