Dining at @RainForest_Cafe & T-Rex are Perfect for Your @WaltDisneyWorld Trip! @LandrysInc


What do you do when you have a cranky child and they are past due for getting fed? Did I mention you are at Downtown Disney and it is packed and tables without a reservation could take up to 1 hour to attain? I am talking Downtown Disney at Disneyland and Walt Disney World because this has happened to us at both!

Two years ago our waiter talked us into getting a Landry’s Select Card. We were told this card would get us to the front of the line at all their restaurants, which means T-Rex and The Rainforest Cafe. There would also be discounts (I perked right up!) and other amenities. And the card could be used at many different restaurants.

The card cost $25.

I get $25 back for every $250 I spend, and $25 on my birthday month. I have already saved over $100 in the last three years, and when we were at Disneyland with eight other people, we waited five minutes for a table when there was a line out to the door for the other folks. There is no downside to this card!

Having a card that gets me almost immediate seating is a fantastic help as we are generally too busy and excited in any Disney Park to plan dinners. That we earn 10% back on our meals is an added bonus, and the Volcano dessert (which my son lets me split with him) is just the icing on the cake!


This is not a sponsored post, I just wanted to share with you how much it helps us on our Disney trips!

For more information check out the Landry’s website! You can also peruse the other restaurant chains that this card will work in! We now have a Morton’s Grille in our neighborhood, it also works there!