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This was my second movie interview with Chris Pratt, you may remember we met him last year to chat about his role in Delivery Man. The excitement in the room was extremely high this time as Mr. Pratt was now coming to speak to us as the star of this movie, his first time  as such!

chris pratt and me again

If it looks like he is talking directly to me, then he is. He is so charming and funny, it was a delight to see him again!

In last years interview Chris talked about having gained over 60 pounds for his role in Delivery Man. That is why when his agent first contacted him about the role of Star-Lord he thought he just did not have the body for the role at that time. Several other actors auditioned for the role but eventually it came back to Chris.

Chris then saw himself in Zero Dark Thirty and realized he had been in good shape before, and knew he could do it again.  I don’t know what regimen he used, but you will see in this movie the man is buff, Chris got into excellent shape, just look:

peter quill

That is when he decided t audition for the role: “That was really it, and then I auditioned  and he (Director James Gunn)  saw something in me and he said something to me that I was really on board with; I said I wanted to do something in action, and I wanted to do something with comedy.  And I wanted to breathe my own spirit into it and I thought there was nothing out there that was going to let me do that.  I thought maybe I’d have to try to develop something or write something, and when he said, look, I just want somebody to come in and do their thing and  just own it.” And this was how Chris Pratt became Peter Quill/Star-Lord!

Chris Pratt’s sense of humor is perfect for this movie. Guardians of the Galaxy is a wonderful science fiction movie that has a lot of humor, some great old 70′s and 80′s music, and  a little bit of off the cuff dancing. It all works together without becoming a science fiction parody. Making great science fiction humorous could not possibly have been easy!

Chris shared that he was an avid comic book reader growing up, even winning some money and spending all of it on comic books as a teenager, one of which was a Guardians of the Galaxy issue. He was a fan of the genre and also enjoyed drawing the various super heroes he was reading about. He did say it was the drawing that drew him strongly to the comic books, the covers and the “cool art.” And now he is a comic book super hero!

handosme chris (640x424)

It was very sweet to hear Chris share about being a fan of and making believe he was Hans Solo, Indiana Jones, and Luke Skywalker growing up. We asked him how it felt for him to know that he was now going to be looked up to by kids, the way he looked up to those other characters, and he said that was the very greatest feeling. That was my moment in this interview when I realized this was a humble man who saw the responsibility ahead of him to be a role model, he was now the very type of hero that he had looked up to as a kid. That has got to be one of the single most rewarding experiences for an actor!

Of course we had to ask how it felt to have his own action figure. He did mention that one of his friends had one and they all thought it was funny to hear Chris’s voice come out of it, and they have fun with the thought that, taking Star-Lord to Subway, etc. “look, Star-Lord’s at Subway…” You have to have fun with these things, I love an actor who does not take himself to seriously!

Chris spoke about training for the fight scenes, he loved being coachable and working out. He did say that the aerobic workouts (running) with Star-Lords music on his iPod was more grueling, perhaps after 150 times of listening to the same music as he was jogging/running (not his favorite pastime) was exhausting!

It was an honor to have met Chris Pratt last year as a supporting actor, and then to come back and chat with him for his first time as a lead actor in a movie. It was very easy to wish him well as we look forward to the next chapter of the Guardians franchise, because we need more!

Chris Pratt Pratt

Disclosure: Disney invited me on this press trip and paid all of my expenses. No other compensation was received. All  opinions are always 100% my own and honest.


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